…Too much of a predictable life can be boring. Excitement is when you miss a few breaths… When you choose to be not knowing what will happen next!

I was excited to see this today…

जास्वंद?!!! In US???…Nicely surprised! Hibiscus and I share a special bond. We used to have a big hibiscus tree in our garden/backyard. By hibiscus standards it was big…a few feet wide tree and in rainy season it will be laden with flowers…so many flowers that our entire देव्हारा will be full of hibiscus flowers. I couldn’t see anything but only flowers…all god idols could have died if they were breathing 😉

Why hibiscus tree? that too in Tampa, Florida?
Does it ever happen to you that you see something unexpected, you experience something unexpected and snap…. You share a special bond! Hibiscus did the same thing today… I share a special bond with Tampa now on…beyond beautiful weather, beaches, it also is a home for hibiscus!

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