4th June 2015

Went to this place for breakfast yesterday! And today visited it’s another sister concern…”The DPH…Duplicate Pan House” 😉 kidding.

Believe me, this place is truly Original. Went in with a colleague for a breakfast meeting. Had big omelettes with inviting customer service accompanied by a fresh coffee… Only to realize that I have forgotten my wallet at the hotel!

In an awkward mindset, went to the cashier lady who must be in her late 60s…quickly explained the situation while my colleague was still in a rest room! Requested if I can pay in later…

She wrote down on a sticky note, “Anish to call and pay by tomorrow”… No thinking twice, no writing down of cell number, no asking where I’m staying…Just pure trust!

While waiting comfortably in the isle for a colleague to return from restroom, I learned forward to ensure that the sticky note sticks well on the white board…

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