Anything not ordinary in this picture? Apologies for an offensive picture but couldn’t resist! Been to a restaurant yesterday… It’s a water free urinal. There is no water that is used, no sensors and in spite of this… No smell!


Anything different in this car? Not when we look at picture, but this is world’s most recognized, advanced electric operated car (As of year 2015)! The car syncs up with your calendar, knows when is your first appointment in a day, understand traffic conditions, opens garage door, gets itself started and drives in front of your gate for your to get in.


Runs 400 kms in single battery charge, reaches from 0 to 100 kms in about 5 secs. It drives itself, yes, in any conditions. Parks itself! The sleek stainless steel handles come out only when you, the owner is near the car!

While boarding the plane today I am thinking why we have not been innovating? For years we are caught up in a race of survival, worrying about me, my family, my future, my kid’s future… People out there in remote corners of world are confirming Maslow’s theory!

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