What do you do?

11th June 2015

He gave a warm and welcome look as I entered the elevator. In a plush commercial property where I was planning to attend a lecture, this familiar face certainly helped get a bit comfortable.

Elevator reached the designated floor. I walked out and post registration headed straight for the breakfast. It was an opportunity to network with some enthusiastic participants who were there to attend a lecture by renowned faculty.

Two idlis were trying to float as I was hungrily fouling all their attempts. As I moved from one group to other greeting my “Hi” was followed with a confident handshake… It was a same face in the elevator. “Hey, what is your name”. “I am Sachin”, ” Nice to meet you, what do you do?”, “I am a marketing consultant…” As he was about to continue one of the person in the group interrupted the discussion clarifying “he is actually today’s guest lecturer!”

It was the embarrassing look of the decade! The face in the elevator that looked so warm, welcoming and familiar was there in the registration email sent to me! Aaah crap!

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