2 min noodle!

That day I was speaking with one of my close friend…discussion was on a profound and deep topic… Does Maggie really cook in two minutes? I’m joking! :)

We were speaking about relationships. He was hurt and wasn’t happy about someone who took him for granted. Although he wasn’t sure of his action (labeling relationship with an expiry date) I was eventually convinced that he was right!

It took a bit of contemplation… Bit of a thinking, which is becoming rare phenomenon :) Seriously though, I realized, a relationship that is my weakness, or makes me weak, is no good! A great one is that which is my strength or gives me strength!
Like…like that Maggie noodle which hangs on to your fork in spite of the rest slipping through…

Phew! A rather philosophical end for a day!!! (Guess im reading too much of news)

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