Idam na mam (इदंम न ममं)

20th June
Since a month or so I have been involved in an initiative where goal is to do 108 Surya Namaskars on 21st June. As far as I could remember, I could about 12 at a stretch!

Some mornings start very early as my Guru has that time suitable. Typically warm up comes first and then Namaskars.
Breath in, breath out, hold the posture, focus your mind, challenge your body and repeat the whole thing…
… Followed by some Omkar, pranayam and a small prayer.
… Followed by raising your hands up in the air, bending all the way down and saying “इदंम न ममं”…(whatever I did, it’s all yours).
:) yes, saying it is easier then done.

Visited my small garden today morning… This little plant helped me relate to “इदंम न ममं”…


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