When I was a kid!

28th June

Hey, this is funny! I remember holding on to small tempos, other friend’s shoulders and “tow” myself. But never tried this. My good lord, how much fun it would be to do this? There are things we could only do with friends!

11th standard, I and my friend were sitting in a private tuition with 50 odd students. The young and gentle teacher was teaching physics and he had a strange habit of ending his sentence with a “hya”…. No kidding! :) holding on to laughfter was a challenge!

Counting number of “hya”s was usual… But that day was different… On a wintery evening, teacher got into his dynamic mood teaching thermodynamics…as “hya”s were becoming more frequent, louder…that’s when my friend winked at me. As soon as teacher ended his sentence with a “hya”, we concurred and echoed “hya”… There was a burst of laughter!…Locating us was difficult in those fraction of seconds but who thinks that far in that age!!!

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