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8th July


The bestest thing that happened to me (amongst a lot many best :)) is parenthood! Amongst the many moments worth cherishing, the softest is the one with my kid!
Of all the fun I had in my life, the funniest is with….

Honestly, I was never a kid guy… Only until I had mine! And then life just changed…I started liking kids. Talking to them has been interesting and learning experience…so much so that Pallavi is irritated when every now and then I keep correcting her… Talk positive, don’t force our decisions on him… And what not! In all this, I might make same mistakes… But that’s the advantage of being a father 😉

Over the years then, it just happened that I started liking/talking to kids…kids of all ages! Recently, my brother-in-law had a kid… He is just 6 months…and like all similar aged kids, he has this superb look on his face…look that will keep you engaged, will keep you pay attention, look that we forget many times as we grow…the “Tell me more” look :)

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