Shunya Shaher Basti

23rd July
9:15 AM… On my way to the office and the commute has been so enjoyable that I didn’t want to reach office! I slow down…

Somewhere I had read this thing about categories of books… There are two types of good books. One which you can’t keep down until you finish and then there are those which you don’t want to finish!!!

Listening to Rahul on his audio blog has been like reading the later type of books. He does such a good job in editing, conducting, talking, singing…the outcome is exemplary connect he achieves. It is like sitting with him in his home and enjoying the “महफिल”.

शुन्य घर शहेर
शहेर घर बस्ती…

10 AM…
As I park my car
उड जायेगा…हंस अकेला

Walking towards the elevators, I imagined myself relishing experience of listening to Rahul in his recording studio while he records his blog…followed by me writing second part of this blog…wow, can there be a better start to the day? :)

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