Can you do it?

17th July

Wearing skin fit padded pants, helmet, reflective jersey, flickering trail light, you should get used to the guest looks from around! On my 4th stop for water and essential nutrients at 9 AM, I was restng in front of a shop that was yet to open.

Then came this guy on his motor bike. A big thaila hanging below the pillion seat. Curious me was already inside his thaila. He stopped, looked at me…ignored, inserted his right hand into the thaila and pulled out a local newspaper!!!

Standing about 20 feets away, he folded the paper once. It just want possible to throw the newspaper that far with one fold. It needed to be rolled up to travel the distance. He unknowingly overlooked my assumptions and hypothesis. Holding paper in both hands carefully, he bent a little, set eyes on his target, narrowed his eyes, his mouth was now opened making an O… helping him focus more, retracting the newspaper to get the momentum he threw it like a freezbey. The paper as it will look in slow motion replay, circling and flying through the air…landed right besides me!

His face now had a smile and a look – buddy, can you do it? :)

The newspaper, as it landed!

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