Me and my Spects bunny!

29th July

When I was getting in the car, little I knew that my parents and my uncle and aunt would be so boaring! I would have otherwise did the same trick that we kids do usually…and oldies start thinking… “He was absolutely fine until now!!!… Not sure what happened!” :)

Yaar, the journey on mumbai roads is so unexciting…to add, what sad choice of songs these folks have!!!…On top of it, these guys SING ALONG!!! Whatever…

Thank god I found this friend of mine! The spects bunny. Oh man…It had this out of fashion flower stitched on its chest…aaahh…it hurt my eyes…! I had been wanting to get it off…

Talk about challenge…plucking it’s petals, one at a time…in a moving vehicle, with a crazy father at driver’s seat :) Tougher than my mom playing templerun or subway surfer… An hour’s efforts, concentration, persistence amongst some rash driving, boaring songs and senseless discussions paid off…:)

What will I do on my return travel though?

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