Happy Father’s day!

It must have been years… Not 5, not 10 but may be 25+. Holding hands with father and sleeping. I used to sleep between his  legs in my pre 8 years, no matter how funny it sounds now! Later I used to sleep to his side with one leg and one hand resting peacefully on him…and then I got married :):) (disclaimer: I love my wife and I love my life!)

Actually… There was a time when I used to sleep within 5 minutes of hitting the bed… Next thing I remember is a fine morning. About a month or two past marriage, I started wondering…why I’m not as fresh as I used to be in the morning? Analysis revealed that my wife in her deep sleep keeps changing her sides frequently!!! When she changes sides, she will habitually pull my blanket. Like all loving husbands we share blanket. Intermittently whenever she wakes up , she will talk to herself loud enough indicating how careless I am. I cannot even keep my blanket on myself you know! Can you imagine…when you are asleep and engrossed in your dreams…a guided voice scolding you about your carelessness?!!! Imagine this happens every hour or two! Got it? (Disclaimer: I love my wife because I love my life ;))

Today, as I am sleeping besides him, hands which were once firm and strong are now warmer and soft. Noticeable age-old shaking in his hand, couldn’t be missed. His hands which ones were grippy , today were just perfect. Some awesome memories lined up in my subconscious, surfacing one after another. I’m thinking, will my child have similar emotions when he holds my hand? Am I living a life worthy in my kid’s eyes? I better should match up :)…The other day, he cuddled into my arms as he was falling asleep, made himself cozy and kissed my hand…guess I’m on right track.

Love you my dear father! Love you a tonne!!!

Happy Fathers Day

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