Oh My God!

Traditions makes us blind! Did I say something controversial? May be I did… Let me rephrase…some traditions make us blind. Guess it’s still controversial…:) that’s OK, for now the controversialness (wow there is this word in English) is limited between me and my kid.

“Ojas come here. Let’s pray and do pooja”

“I don’t want to”

“Come on…”

“I don’t understand why do we do pooja! Offer prashad and then eat it ourselves”

Annoyed me, about to loose temper, manages to pull out calmness hat!

“Beta, think what do you call Pooja?. It’s same as that of Sachin tendulkar doing with his bat,…it’s his practice…For you when you play cricket you are doing pooja!”

A few moments of silence boosted my confidence!

Next I see a cricket bat standing beside Laxmi Mata! :)

Oh My God

I ask myself…why not? Super thoughtful of him… Good job Ojas!!!

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