A fight with him…

A fight with him

Sitting in the corner sofa, she was breathing anger… Did I love this nonsensical person? Why he couldn’t just say sorry? … Is it so difficult for men? …is he…is he the right one for me??? Aaaaaah…I shouldn’t think that. I know we fight but it shouldn’t doubt our compatibility… I mean everyone fights…Isn’t it?

He moved a little closer… making sure his move is unnoticed!…Yeah, she can become aggressive at times.

Oh, the door bell… He answered the courier man, took the package. Kept the package on the desk and sat back on the sofa…more close to her this time!

She was now at an arm’s distance. He could hear her breathing and she could now hear a smallest whisper.

Moments of no one talking…
Both waiting for the other to speak…
Both wanting other to say something…
Desperate he tries to speak…Once… twice but the thought never reached his lips.

Sharp movement from her surprises him. She gets up, moves to the door, puts her sandles on, opens the door and slams it back while going out…

Staring at the empty sofa, he sits quietly… Full of unrestness.


  1. Pankaj says:

    What is the end of the story??

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