Have a Shoppy Diwali!

​With a deeeep breath and instructing subconscious…I entered the entrance :)
Hold on… It feels similar just when you meditate.  
Shopping is real fun….when you shop with your wife.!!! It’s just amusing. Im bedazzled how decision making is affected. I seriously think that the basic difference in a man and woman is THIS! (How they shop!)
Here is mostly how any men shops:
– Decide a shop , primary based on running discounts

– visit shop

– Try what you like

– Filter based on 1. What looks good 2. Price

– pay and viola!

In about an hour and men are good.
Welcome Madam, what would you like to buy?

Salwar, kurta

Executive guiding us through the isle, shows a section full of cloths with no duplicate dresses…I am remembered of primary key in databases. Women dresses are primary keys…
As the executive starts showing whats available in the gigantic shop, here are the responses we keep hearing from wives with varying sequence…
This one is nice, but show me bright colors


I would like Red, Blue or Green and/or Yellow

Its too Bright!!! hurting my eyes

No answer

Do you have yellow color is this pattern?

Hmmm…good one. 

Yeah, this is yellow but Sleeves are short!

This one is really nice but show me more.

Do you have little dull colour in this pattern?

No, this will not snug fit. It’s too big.

Show the one below yellow. 

This one is too loose. 

This may fit tight.

This colour doesn’t look good on me.

Oh this looks just PERFECT…But I bought the same colour this last Diwali.

This one is nice but my friend has the same colour. 

This Red is not RED!

This one is too long

This one is too short

Too revealing

Too conservative

Too jazzy

Too mediocre 

Too simple

Too fancy
And then there are standard responses…poor husbands or the executive can give!

Shoppy Diwali!

1. Me: Try it out honey! (Pushing her to the next step of shopping)

2. Me: No, It looks good on you! Or Yes, It looks good on you! (Another attempt)

3. Executive with “this woman won’t buy” look on his face

4. Executive with “this woman can buy” look on his face

5. Me and executive: Not sure how to respond!

So you know different responses that your wife gives? Want to take a risk of commenting here? 😉

Have a Shoppy Diwali to all of you out there! 

Be patient, be safe, be loving and enjoy Diwali :)

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