Andy, let’s Run!

Andy & I blindfold

Andy & I blindfold

​I liked it! We all like it when therOe is an element of surprise. This time I plan to run blind folded. Running had never been famous to me. Particularly after I had a knee ligament tear couple of years  back. But a 10k was never an issue…so in the excitement I said YES when the message was floated on the group. One runs, other blindfolds. Both running blindfolded, it will take forever to complete the race!

10k is such a distance that if you are generally fit (doing an hour of cardio), you may not even need to practice. Right? And I thought the same until I and Andy thought of doing a casual practice run.
I pulled the headband over my eyes and closed my eyes too. Holding Andy’s hand in my right hand I started running. First ever in my life, I was running blindfolded, nice breeze, less traffic, wow!…the excitement STOPPED in couple of seconds. No I cannot do it, it seems. No, I am not able to balance myself. No, that vehicle drove past too fast. NO, No, No…

Yes, it’s fun. Yes, I have Andy who has his eyes OPEN! :) Yes, I want to do it. Yes, I know how to trust someone. Yes, yes, yes…
“Move to your right, or you will bang on the electricity pole!” Andy commented and I imagined how it will look! Anish running blind folded and banging his head on the pole in a spring like action.
“Oh, did I forget to tell you about that pot hole!” Andy apoligized. Andy I can kill you. Focus and tell me every damn thing.
“….” Andy talking nothing! “Andy where are you?”…”oh, I forgot we are running together” grrrrrrrrrerr!
We kept going and with every passing step, I realized it’s about trust. Every passing step made me realize I need to be grateful for what I have. I learned to see through my legs. I learned to see through Andy’s eyes.
I truly recommend everyone to try this funny and yet profound, humbling and overwhelming experience someday. With someone who you Love or want to love! 😉
I loved it and I am sure it will be  even more fun when I run tomorrow.

Updates post running:

Celebr"eating" the run!

Celebr”eating” the run!



Slightly Disoriented me with Anand! :)


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  1. Rahul says:

    Baagh andy bhaag

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