Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja!

​What? No, it’s not about Shahid neither it’s about Kareena! This time it’s about Mr. Nagadaji!
Hotel reception guy called Mr. Nagada on my behalf, fixed time for tomorrow morning. Our decision of touring Panhala in the evening was shot down by him… Without even consulting me! I tolerated!
Next day morning, he messaged precisely at the committed time, that he has reached the hotel reception. And like every other day on the trip, we were delayed by an hour. With two cars ready and seat besides me vacant, I saw him coming towards us. Tall, dark, casually dressed, slippers and with a confident yet a warm smile on his face! He got in and sat comfortably. With the weird look, respectful authority in his voice, he instructed, “The weather out is so nice, lets shut the AC off, Open the windows!”. What? I accepted!
Teen darwaja, see the lead being used for construction. The fort was built by Raja Bhoj in 1200 century, Look at the large hinges, look at the architecture how the main doors of the fort are setup… Information kept pouring in…we were awestruck! Awestruck by his enthusiasm!!! As he concluded his talk, he snatched my phone from me! Yes, MY PHONE!!! Even my wife don’t dare doing that!!! Next was the instruction to the entire family. Go and stand under the structure, this is a nice place to click pictures! You two on this side, three of you stand here. move to the right. Very specific instructions! We all obliged. I had to!

Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja

Dhanya Kothar, a place to store grains. It stores up to 7.3 million kgs of grains. 600 militants survived for more than 4.5 months when Shivaji maharaj was besieged on the fort. Look at how grains were carried out from this side…

And here goes my phone again! I resigned this time!

Dhanya Kothar

Dhanya Kothar

This continued for 2 hours! The phone snatching, information passing. All along, he was holding his work ethics higher. All along, he was truly interested in doing his job. It was so good to see him doing his job wonderfully well! His forefathers were the ones who will play “Nagada” on the fort Panhala. The history was in his genes. He mentioned his both the sons are extremely talented scoring 90% in the 10th and 12th exams. One of them is doing engineering. In all probability, they won’t do what their father and forefather’s did! He seemed very positive and excited about their future. And surely with this kind of father, who knows they may create history instead of reciting it to others!

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