The tortilla chips with cheese!

Tortilla chips

Tortilla chips

​Very few can ignore this pic. Most will just hit like without even reading this! I guarantee!
My US friend insisted me that I should try these and as it usually happens, he ordered. All weight watchers should actually watch their friends! Your true friends are the culprits of you not losing weight! Read again and you will agree with me! :) Anyway…
So here I sat, with my US friend and a pile of tortilla chips, garnished with cheddar cheese. Funny thing is, we ordered a soup and a main course too… There was way too much food on the table. Ok…Challenge accepted as I looked at my historical performance and to 6 feet something healthy friend of mine.
As we kept talking, the conversation somehow traveled to the past and then on to health. He carefully picked a chip, evaluated if it had enough cheese on it. Sure enough, it didn’t match his expectations, so it was forcefully dipped in cheese again.

I followed him.

Second one, was meant for salsa as it was relatively curvy.

I followed him…

We completed chips session. A few mins and a soup session was done too. Now we were on to the main course. I was a little full but I am highly persistent. With a deep breath and full confidence that I’ll finish the main course, I lifted the spoon. The friend however dropped the spoon and raised his hands! The 6 feet something couldn’t eat anymore. Puzzled I questioned him! His honest response came with a warm and sorry look at the main course…”Anish about 10 years back, I was weighing 350 pounds. It was becoming too much so I got operated and they cut my stomach to 1/3rd of its size. Now even if I want to, I can not eat more. I have to stop”. I sympathized with my eyes but with an appreciation towards technology exclaimed “That’s good!!!”
The friend shouted back at me cursing the doctor and technology together – “What good?!!! They only operated my stomach…what about my eyes?”

:) :) :)

And we bursted out laughing. At one side there was an awesome technology and at the other side a completely true, honest human instinct!!!


  1. JJ says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, Anish! It was great to read your perspective on that story. I’ll miss our lunches. Best of luck to you my good friend. :)

  2. Abhijit says:

    Nice one.. I can imagine this conversation, if my guess about other person Is right..

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