How’s that!!!

​6 balls to go, Ojas on strike. 
Adam Gilchrist keeping wickets. Ajinkya first slip, second slip Mark Waug, Jonty at point, yuvi at Mid on, Covers covered by Virat, Long off Jadeja, Square leg Shikhar, Mid wicket Glenn Maxwell and Suresh Raina at fine leg…phew! 
6 balls to go and 16 to win. A difficult target but not impossible. Anish running over the wicket, shirt pitched delivery, pulled by Ojas from between the A2 and A3 building for 4! 
“Ojas, halu.” (Take it easy. There are people staying in the complex, you aren’t playing at the ground). Ojas ignores and relooks at field setting. 
Anish changes and decides to come round the wicket. Hoping that the ball will move away from left handed Ojas and he will hit to the off side where buildings are little farther. A Full length delivery and Ojas decides to play it to the cover. A Saurav Ganguli fame makkhan drive played for 4.
He is playing well and Anish is actually trying to play at his best which isn’t helping. A little short run up and Anish is contemplating a fast bouncer…which he delivers, result is same but this time towards third man!  Played late, opening face of the bat!
3 more balls to go and 4 to win. Anish is really angry now and wanted to pitch the ball on the body. This is where historically Ojas had difficulties! Let’s do it…pitching on the middle, the ball bounces and is treated gracefully by Ojas by a leg glance beautifully timed…from within the gap for 4…thunderous clapping, crowd going overboard… And and a shout from inside a house….hey who’s that?

How’s that!

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