The Brainy Hamlet! Do you have it?

​It’s always cheaper if we buy accessories and get it fitted rather than buying it prefitted with the vehicle. Really? I didn’t know and I wasn’t sure of how it compares with quality in either cases… But since last couple of months I’m learning to live lean being on my own! :)

So…I walked into to one of the old boutiques and…”bargained!”

Went to another one and “bargained”

Went to the Third one and “bargained” and “bought” :)

Then took the accessories and went to a mechanic and “bargained” again… And settled with him to get accessories fitted.
The mechanic started his work…I can  notice extreme boredom he was experiencing. May be it would have been 20th motor bike he was handling. May be this was 16th indicator buzzer he was putting and must be 18th Hamlet lock…I mean helmet lock he was fitting.
In the process, I asked him way too many questions I suppose…He fielded some with ignorance and remaining with reluctance.

Then I did something that a rare few would do!!!

I commented, suggested and insisted him to install the Hamlet lock the way I wanted.

He retaliated…but I politely pushed

He forced … I intelligently argued…

He hesitated…I pushed…

He gave up, I won!!! Yeeyyyyyyy

The Lock!

The Lock!

And then after a few weeks I bought Hamlet yesterday. Isn’t that cool? Any smart folks around to guess, how does it look? (Im sure only a few can guess the catch!)

The Hamlet!

The Hamlet!

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