A Date with the millennial kid!

​You know what…I am struggling. Im struggling to keep with the millennium kid’s thought process. It has been like I’m getting into teenage again…I have my own tantrums, my mood swings. My emotions sway…I get angry and I get happy…quickly!!!
WTF is wrong? 
We entered the car. The common point where we disagree the most is choice of songs. However I must say learning guitar has changed his music preferences. Some very old hindi songs he knows and can play now! 
As we hit the road, he puts on the music. The radio chatter starts. As meaningless chatter ends, a duel meaning song starts, to compensate for meaning. It appears that for him, both were equally interesting! 
In the mall, a 30 mins Video games play followed. Games where you can ride bike, speed up, you get points when you “near miss” the oncoming vehicle. Once you get “boost”, you score points when you hit any vehicles. You don’t die even if you hit any vehicle. This game was completely realistically unrealistic. This was extreme!!! They make you do things that you cannot otherwise do or won’t be appreciated for sure for doing it. I hated and he enjoyed. 
Ate dinner at McD…excluding some blant spices French fries with piri piri did a good job for me.  
Return journey started and since it was my “turn”, I put on the radio. An oldish song started and with an honest attempt I tried to bridge the gap.  
“Ojas, this song has some nice guitar piece at the beginning. Try listening”
… Lyrics went something like

“छुपाना भी नहीं आता, जताना भी नहीं आता

हमें तुमसे मोहोब्बत है, बताना भी नहीं आता”

“I cannot hide, neither can i express,

I love you so much, still I don’t know why, I cannot talk it out to you”
The music took me to my college days and Ojas brought me back with a witty smile and an exclaimed remark…”ह्याला येतं काय मग?”

“If he can’t do such a simple thing, he is useless!!!”
Bursted out laughing the journey continued…

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