The Rumbling Sound

Few pics on Panshet Parikrama


Breathing …there is rhythm in breathing and so it is when you pedal, so it is when the tyre rotates. The rhythm was amplified by the Rumbling sound of tyre rotating.
…Peace outside and peace inside was connected by this sound. I could see the next hill top I had to cycle to and it was as if this sound was driving me.

Panshet Parikrama is a medium intensity bike route. 70 kms on day 1, 80 kms on day 2. Day 1 is good, day 2 is great. Day 1 is a battle to fight, day 2 is winning that battle for a beginner or ameture cyclist like me.

Endurance activity is like meditation. You let go, you focus, you disengage and entire battle is in between. No jerky movements, no spikes in resistance, you have to keep the momentum, you have to keep doing, just go with the flow. Eat, hydrate, ride, repeat. Find your rhythm in between. And then…in the moments of temptation do not deviate from this rhythm.

There were times when I felt like pushing more, and times when I felt like giving away. Key was to just keep doing what I was doing.

These 48 hours were fantastic. 150 kms ride, took me through areas where for hours hardly any vehicle passed. Mountains, bike, rumbling sound and myself. I think it will be fun to do such rides in future. This ride took me around Panshet and brought me closer to myself.


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