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15th June
Meet the man, Naren Goidani! “He is into training” – Isn’t a wrong introduction but is absolutely incomplete.
I am proud to be associated with him for last couple of months. What is stunning about him is – he is into doing! Until lately, I had known trainers who had been there done that and now into training. Trainers who are into training because they just like it. He is all of this plus something else…he is into active action, he is into runup, sprint, take- off whatever you want call it!

You usually dream but once you meet him, you start dreaming big. You occasionally execute but once you meet him, you think action. To put it aptly, he is into leadership and training!

I was at KMM movement orientation session a day before. What an organized program it was! The movement he initiated has almost became a revolution. This year it will my first year from the many more to come!

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