The Envoy!

How about meeting tonight? My message was responded with affirmity by both. Come to think of it…we keep meeting on and off … This time off minus on were  7 months :)

Conversations took off with Modi and reached the altitudes of how sometimes we over react to small issues pertaining to kids…and invariably at the cruising heights of music.

College get-togethers were complete with Gautam singing. The melodious gifted voice. Today was no different…the voice transpiring song emotions through the air, into your ear canopy then ear canal and completely bypassing brain reaching the heart! :)

His song was a proof that sound travels through the air, in all directions and ears do help…but your entire body, exposed skin listens, absorbs sound! Isnt it a divine experience to listen to music live…without even microphone and speakers between you and envoy?



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