Travel butterflies

​The feeling of travel excites me. Okey…I’ll be honest, it had been exciting since last 10-15 years! My old travel memories belong to Pune-Mumbai travel and travel to Harihareshwar. Catching an early morning train, Sinhgad express that time was a fearful experience. Get up early, catch a bus, reach station, and then wait for the train to come. Since we used to sit in general coach we had to actually “catch” a seat…. This is what I used to hate!

Comparatively memories of trips to Harihareshwar are cozy…slow like a tea bag that infuses in hot water! Green hills, green trees, green fields…brownish water that carries reddish clay…

As I’m departing to USA, I realized how easy it is now! Blinking monitors, high ceilings, hustle bustle everywhere and somebody is doing something…and the rich smell of coffee. Airport is fun! Air travel is funnier and you know what, missing a connecting flight is funniest!

I have a record…In my first three international trips to USA I have missed my connecting flight at least once every time! I have lost a few items…I have met a few thugs…and all upon this I have met some wonderful people!

As I get to the airport, excitement is to check in, as I get to security gates, excitement is to board, as I board, I’m excited to feel the thrust and the take off…leaving the ground… Excitement to see the unseen from the top, excitement to experience air pockets… It just doesn’t end.

Let life be the travel and each day be the take off!

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