So what’s your plan?

So what’s your plan?

​I will always use my mental checklist and strike each item out. As I get used to travelling I got away from actual checklist. 

As my travel used to approach closer say about few hours before I leave home, father will remind me the tength time…the tength time that I need to submit my travel plan to him. YES, the day I fly out, which flights I will take, times those flight reach, local time, India time, hotels that I check in, phone numbers of each location etc etc to the extent that he may know more than my office travel desk colleagues Kailas, Rohini or Amol!!!

Just sending the tickets, hotel bookings over email was never enough. He will take his laptop, take a pen and paper and sit with me. The entire travel plan will recreated in front of me. It was as if I actually flew and arrived back in Pune!!! :) Doesn’t matter which locations I am traveling, new or old, with whom I’m traveling known or unknown…. Every single time, he will repeat this exercise. Trip no 1, 2 or 20. My travel was like a rocket launch for him… The count down, the launch, seeing into orbit… He needs to know everything!!!

He took his flight out of pune a day before. As I booked a cab for him, I realized I didn’t know his flight number. I know his return date and plan. Waiving a bye bye, I got busy in the day’s rheotic. I was reminded of him the next day. Realized that I didn’t call him to check if he reached safe! Gave him a call. Assured him that I will book a cab as soon as he reaches pune. Today, got to know by my mother that his flight is delayed by few hours. I wanted to check which flight it was…and I didn’t know the flight number. Well finding isn’t an issue, but this role reversal just isn’t working! :):)
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